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Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard Review

The Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard is a sleek low profile keyboard with no frills for serious gamers wanting serious performance from their keyboard.

Ease of Use, Performance: 18/25
Look amp; Feel: 23/25
Features 20/25
How much I enjoy 18/25

Total: 79/100

We have another Razer animal named product from their gaming range. The Razer Arctosa gamers keyboard is a no frills keyboard at a great price, but be warned the black keyed version is for serious gaming only. The Arctosa comes in two versions; silver keys and black keys which mean the keys have either silver or black painted keys.

The difference may not seem much until you’re trying to find one key and have to look at an angle to catch the light on the keys, otherwise both editions are identical. The Arctosa is a nice low profile keyboard that is quite good for typing, just get the version you want with the painted keys according to your preference.

The Arctosa is a regular full function keyboard without any frills, no back lighting, no USB, no pass through audio like the previous Razer keyboard Lycosa. The Arctosa is 18.25 inches wide by 9 inches tall and ¾ of an inch tall without the feet out which adds about a half inch tilt to the keyboard.

The keys are set up in a typical keyboard array with function keys, number keypad and home keys like most keyboards but also a nice multimedia section. The Arctosa also has an indicator panel in the upper right corner for your lock LEDs which are quite bright.

The Multimedia buttons are not regular keys like the rest of the keyboard but those plastic wafer buttons that work well for your music and movies. The indicators for scroll lock and number lock are very bright though, almost blindingly when working in low light environments.

The keyboard comes with a CD including drivers that allow you to program not only the aspects you would expect like function keys and macros but also every key on the keyboard for gaming or programs. The Profile system allows you to save, switch and edit profiles so you can have a profile that switches when a particular program runs.

If you want to set up a keyboard key assignment profile for one program like a game you can have the Razer keyboard manager program switch to that profile automatically or you can switch it yourself. The tray icon works well for the Arctosa keyboard manager and I found the profile system worked as expected for a good manager system.

The Arctosa keyboard is a nice affordable gaming keyboard but does have a few problems for the one kind if you want to use it for regular computer use. The black painted keys on the black keyboard does not work at all except to use it without looking at the keys.

The keys are a lower profile and the keyboard is nice and slim which I have found I enjoy in a keyboard but I just could not see the keys to use the Arctosa for typing. Using the Arctosa would be fine for the silver painted keys but the black painted is not going to work except if you don’t have to look at it.

Other than the paint color the Arctosa is a great keyboard and well worth taking a look at, the macro manager and keyboard profile system works very well without problems. You can have up to ten profiles that are associated with programs through their EXE extension so they key assignments change according to a program.

You can also easily change the profiles by hand through the Razer keyboard manager program from the Start menu or the tray icon quickly. The Razer Arctosa is a great keyboard but do not get the black painted keys unless you never look at them during use.

The Razer Arctosa makes a great keyboard for daily use, silver painted keys, and even has a removable plastic wrist wrest but not like you may be used to seeing. The plastic wrest that screws onto the keyboard is not a cheap clip on one that I have seen on many other keyboards.

The Arctosa wrest is removable but you need to remove the four screws to remove the wrest which makes this a very nice secure attachment. Too many of my previous keyboards loose the wrest due to cheap plastic clips just like those covers on remotes, they break after wear and tear of normal daily use.

The Arctosa also has the small flip up feet for a more comfortable typing angle of the keyboard which adds to the ergonomics of the Arctosa. I really like the Arctosa but would have preferred to receive the silver keyed version, oh well, I can always use this one as a gaming only keyboard.

The Razer Arctosa is a well designed and affordable keyboard for gamers if you get the black painted and the silver painted version would make a great all around keyboard. Razer really has done well with the Arctosa and the MacroKey Manager that allows you to assign profiles and change any key.

Cover The Cabbage

Any cabbage variety is going to do just fine. It is just an example of a very low-calorie food. Fresh cabbage includes vitamin B5 in miniscule quantities, but sauerkraut is discovered to be a fantastic supply of this nutrient.

While under-appreciated, cabbage is in fact a wonder vegetable. It derived its name from coleslaw, a popular food item in which the main ingredient is cabbage. You don’t even  use red cabbage, instead you use rice made from the best rice cooker at ricecookerworld.

It’s possible to incorporate the Cabbage in your diet plan either in the shape of juice, raw, or inside a curry. Cabbage is consumed throughout the world and forms an important ingredient of soups, salads, stews and a lot of other recipes. Red cabbage is readily prone to discoloration.

Cabbage is healthy in different ways, too. It is one of the most underrated vegetables. Cabbages mature in around three months. Stuffed cabbage is an excellent dish for the autumn and winter season. It is a classic Ashkenazi Jewish dish, and everybody seems to have their favorite way of making it.

Cabbage is also fantastic for the epidermis. The absolute most exotic sorts of this cabbage are observed in cooler climates. It can also help reduce dry skin irritation and make the skin look healthy. On the opposite hand, one should cook cabbage to be able to be eaten.

Cabbage is also full of antioxidants which can help remove totally free radicals in the blood, thereby assisting in preventing diseases like cancer. First you need to ready the cabbage to be cooked. As previously mentioned, there are three sorts of skunk cabbage.

An assortment of household items and vegetables can result in an intriguing afternoon. There are a few anti-inflammatory vegetables which you are able to have in your diet and exclude the aforementioned ones. The carrot is only an approximation. All vegetables aren’t safe for dogs. Such folks will need to prevent nightshade vegetables.

According to the diet, cheese is forbidden. The sauce is among the crucial elements for this recipe. Salads are simple to prepare and can be created in short timeframe. Should you not need to eat cabbage soup daily for the remainder of your existence, you ought not begin a cabbage soup diet. Before choosing which caraway seed substitute to utilize, you need to understand what recipe you will utilize it in. The recipe is really straight forward and quite easy to make. Yes, it’s more involved than your standard dinner recipe, but the outcomes are completely well worth it.

Most likely, it is going to have divine sweetness that old cabbage loses. The standard mixture of sausage and cabbage is created even better by the accession of barbecue sauce. You may reduce it by creating a soup mix yourself.

Nobody should occur after the diet for over seven days. It is an exact low-fat, yet high-fibre diet. If you’re attempting to boost your diet plan, cruciferous vegetables ought to be at the exact top of your grocery list. The cabbage soup diet program promises rapid weight loss of approximately ten lbs in the week you’re on the diet plan. To start with, you aren’t likely to cut that much fat off your physique. One should make certain to be well-hydrated when following this diet plan. It’s the overall diet regime or general eating pattern that’s most important in disease prevention and achieving great health.

Taking A Visit To Burma

Bagan can be readily reached from other primary tourist destinations too. You may not want to visit Myanmar yet. In accordance with the ideal time to go to Myanmar, I’d say consider the ideal and avoid the worst.

Getting aware of your wealth and how much you’re spending will make sure that you devote exactly the same amount here as you would in any other portion of Southeast Asia. It’s not hard to acquire into Nepal. In case you are planning to remain in Nepal for a lengthy time, a good idea is to become 90-day visa.

You can even look at experiencing the very best of Myanmar’s culture that aids in including a lovely touch to your travel. There are tons of different rituals and exciting festivities that could be observed within this gorgeous land, which are often provided by the majority of Burma travel businesses. It has the biggest and most extensive selection of Buddhist temples, pagodas and ruins on earth and is a really incredible sight.

Even though a month of travelling isn’t possible for everybody, if it is possible to take advantage of your 28 day visa, do. Whenever you return you are going to be given another 60 days. Times and prices are vulnerable to slight changes though so check the present situation whenever you are there. For quite a few, it’ll be time to embrace a new means of travelling. This moment, I wasn’t followed. At this time it’s the ideal time to visit Burma. You shouldn’t need to wait more than a quarter hour at the stopover, however.

Since the the overwhelming majority of men and women fly into Myanmar from Bangkok, this appears to be a favorite place to contact the bills. Both countries share the job of keeping the town. Sometimes, the Government may also restrict the duration of validity or kind of replacement passports. The Australian Government does not offer information on the security of individual industrial airlines or flight paths. Nepal government does not permit foreigners to stay for at least 150 days on a tourist visa in one calendar year. The police forces of both countries work from 1 office!

As the political situation eases and tourism starts to take route, it is an amazing time to acquire in early. It’s really hard to find somewhere to stay should youn’t have a reservation. The places of attraction and assorted destinations are wholly marked with their personal uniqueness and they’re bound to keep you entertained throughout your journey. Remember though it’s very much give and take so should you take…Give! Not if you’re fussy, not if you’re not ready to try new things. And since that time, the name gained an increasing number of traction along with various criticisms and controversies. Myanmar’s another name is Burma and it’s among the loveliest places that you could think about going to.

While destinations are beautiful in their own right and therefore the travel agents generally have many options about which package needs to be provided to the customer. Travelling is an excellent avocation. Whether to travel to Burma is quite a hard and highly contested subject.

UK mobile providers may charge especially large rates for roaming in Burma. Ever since then, more travel businesses have started organizing tours, more airlines have begun flying there, and increasing numbers of people are going. Many Burma travel businesses offer you some of the most exotic stuff that might help in earning your trip even more exciting. The tourist business is still nascent, and infrastructure is extremely restricted in some specific areas.

If you want to chase off-the-beaten-track experiences, Myanmar (also called Burma in the west) provides a complete nation’s worth of those. The warm neighborhood hospitality in addition to the delectable food delights are always an extraordinary part of Myanmar that increase your travel experience. All accommodation and eatery options are researched as a way to provide travellers with a thorough collection of places which aren’t government-owned (see number 4). Most travellers desire a visa to see Myanmar.